Ceramic radiant heater system Goldsun CPH

Heating principles:

The function of earthenware radiant heater system is like the sun. The combination of air and gas is done in combustion chamber. It flames among grooves in the earthenware plates and heats to about 900 ̊c, then begins to transfer the radiation in heat mode and this energy heats the things (people, automobiles, floor…). So before the environment heats the things heat.

دستگاه گرمایش تابشی سرامیکی
  Technical specifications:
Capacity (kilo calorie in one hour)8000130001500021000230002500030000340003900040000
Type of consumer gasNatural gas, liquid gas
Consumption amount of natural gas (m3/h)0/921/521/832/452/753/053/673/974/594/89
Consumption amount of liquid gas (Kg/h0/681/121/351/802/032/252/702/933/383/60
Input pressure of natural gasMinimum 16 mb, maximum 55 mb
Input pressure of liquid gasMinimum 26 mb, maximum 55 mb
Requisite electricityMonophase electricity, 230 v, 5 Hz, 110w,0/5A
Torch and venture system (Aluminized Steel)
reflectorShiny aluminum
Lighter(sparkling)Absolutely automatic, control of flame, safety coverage
Application formInner places without chimney
standardEN 419
VentilationTS EN 13410 (10m 3 air per kw)
Weight(kg) 2/8          2/12          2/12          3/16         3/16         3/16         4/20        4/20           5/24          5/24


Advantages of earthenware radiant heater systems:

Quick heating: it reaches the maximum heat capacity in 3-5 min.

Suitable for local heating: high temperature of earthenware plates causes the system to be ideal for local heating

The system’s low cost: it is 30%-70% economical beside heat systems

Possibility of working with liquid gas and natural gas: possibility of heating the system from working with natural gas and vice versa.

High efficiency: because of high percentage of produced heat, by earthenware design and advanced reflectors, it has a high efficiency and functioning.

Durability and long life: it works for long years without need for repair

Minimum safety distance from flammable materials

Application of radiant heater system:

·        Plants, workshops

·        Storerooms, hangars

·        Service-giving stations

·        Sports saloons

·        Mosques and temples

·        Land

·        Open areas and other installations