Silversun’s radiant heater systems

Silversun’s radiant heater systems are originally the same Blackheat’s heater systems of American company, Roberts Gordon(RG), which are distributed in Iran with the label of Silversun of tubal type –ST,UT- in 9 different size and capacity . in the late 1950, Roberts Gordon prepared the arrangements of manufacturing radiant heater transfer system of tubal and gas type to produce and transfer thermal waves with a function like sun.

Silversun;s radiant heater systems have more efficiency than other radiant systems.

The quality of silversun’s radiant systems equipment


The burner is made fail-safely and isolated and all of the parts, esp. gas gateways, are designed and examined by the latest technology. It is unique in regular distribution of the load and in increasing the fire length. Concerning the above quality, it can be used long years without destruction.

Radiant tubes

Because of using in high temperature, the tubes have been designed and made from plated aluminized steel which is resistant before corrosion, are good conductors and makes even heat.


It is designed and made from the lucid Aluminum and with role forming method so that 99/5% of radiant heater radiates by the reflector from the tubes towards the earth surface and the wastage of heating reaches to zero. Reflector has a highest radiant beam so that from different angles the whole heat radiates the surface and doesn’t have casualties from the view of radiant level. In every type line UT, two reflector lines are installed separately.


Fan has been designed and made aerodynamically with high technology, with synchronous veils and without balance. Cooler discs protects the fan against the heat and burning

Heating capacity

The highest size of Silversun model SS 55UT/sT with the heating capacity of 55 k.w (50000 kilo calorie in hour) heats about 200-250 square meters, while the highest size of similar systems heats maximum till 140 square meter.