Technical & engineering service

  •   Giving engineering service in installing and handling, repairing, keeping and resolving technical problems of industries units.
  • Designing, overseeing and implementing systems of heating and colding installation
  • Managing the energy and optimizing energy consumption
  • Giving engineering service in conformation engineering, installing and handling the projects including preparing the scheduled program (under software Primavera), project control , preparing plans of action and workshop(shop drawing), preparing objects balance , preparing plans and methods of cutting objects(cutting plan), preparing technical documents of quality control(QCP,WPS,QCTM…),preparing weekly, monthly reports and preparing the minutes.
  • Executive managing of industrial projects
  • Cooperating to prepare requisite standards of different parts of industry
  • Giving engineering service to improve the quality of products and adapting them to international authentic standards
  • Introducing technologies related to the environment protection and industrial pollution’s reduction.