Purposes of plan

One of the industry’s challenges esp. managing energy consuming is providing requisite heat of great places. The necessity of making an environment  with suitable conditions for establishment of individuals in industrial units(like production saloon, assembly, storage,…) and public places (show saloons, sports saloon, service centers,…) causes a great room is heated for a few people ; therefore, energy consumption increases significantly.

This problem is observable in some great saloons of industrial units.

It seems that the simplest and the cheapest heating method is the use of local heater system.

In this method instead of the whole room, just a person’s work area is heated. The process of providing and issuing the heating energy in local heater system encompasses a broad scope. One of the newest methods is radiant heater system. Therefore, radiant heater system plan has the following purposes:

1.the basic problem of heating great saloons has been noticeably solved and finally users earn great profits from economy in energy and system’s expenses.

  1. since the said plan’s purpose is the optimum consumption of energy and energy economy, the financial weight of payable subsidy by the government will significantly reduced in energy department.
  2. the said plan in addition to profitability for users and the government, it is profitable for investors and craftsmen and has a direct effect on unemployment reduction

Prospective results:

The most saloons of production and industrial centers and even sports saloons,… are heated by the air convection system and spending great expense and consuming great energy. In the air convection system, first the air and then the occupied room are heated. In the buildings that the doors are continually opened and closed, dissipation of heat is occurred.

With several million square meter industrial rooms in Iran, it can be concluded that significant part of investment and profit of industrial and service centers is prepared. While the use of radiant heater system in industries leads to reduction of consuming energy carries , the reduction of investment rate and current expenses for the users will significantly decrease the financial weight of payable subsidy by the government in energy department.

The table of comparison of convection heater expense with radiant heater expense

Amount of economy Radiant heaterConvection or central heater 
     40 _ 60%Radiant heater system and gas plumbingBoylers, burner, pumps, heaters,

tapware, plumbing, canals, control and insulators, tablets,…



90  %10100Implementing expense
90  %5100Keeping expense
40 _ 60  %40 _ 60100Consume fuel
90 %10100Consume electricity
100 %0100water

So the following materials are expected:

  1. Concerning the change of system from heater by the air convection system to radiant heater system in industrial and service… centers, the system users earn great profit for economy in sources and energy.
  2. In addition to reducing the amount of investment and current expenses for the users, it will be significantly decreased from financial weight of payable subsidy by the government in energy department.