Radiant heater system of Brooder:

Radiant heater system of henneries (GOLDSUN BROODER) produces heat with a process like sun. First it sends radiations to the animals and requisite areas of henneries directly, and then gathered heat in the ceiling carries the amount of ammonia available in the environment to the minimum limit by drying the hennery quickly.

Technical specifications
11/72 kw (10080 kilo calorie in one hour) Capacity
30-35 mb

15-35 mb

Liquid gas

Natural gas

Consumer gas pressure
1520-1830 mm Installment height
7/6-12/2 m Distance among heating systems
890 mm

460 mm


Height ofsystem

Creating heating system
12 kg weight
340 m³hFor every systemThe amount of requisite ventilation
0/9 kgh

½ m³h

Liquid gas

Natural gas

The amount of consumer gas
915 mm

460 mm

1220 mm




Minimum safety distance from flammable materials